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Honest, Professional Tax Preparation Service Serving the DFW Area

E.S.R. Enterprises in Arlington, TX offers professional tax preparation service. Save time and money by using our tax preparation service. We are honest and always offer recommendations on how you can get the maximum refund amount. We can file your taxes online, so you get your money quicker.


We have convenient hours and offer after-hour appointments when needed. We currently offer 30% off your taxes when you bring us your taxes prepared by another company. Tax season will be here soon and we will be ready to help you with your taxes and do all the hard work for you.


No one looks forward to preparing their taxes. We offer an easier way to get them completed. The following items are things you will need in advance of your appointment. You can also start filing on our site to save time by clicking HERE.

For more questions about what you should bring please see below!

Personal Information

  • Social Security Numbers (children and spouse)

  • Child care provider’s Name, address and TIN or SSN

  • Alimony (SSN for recipient)

Income Information

  • All W-2’s for income earned

  • 1099-G for Unemployment Benefits

  • 1099-for miscellaneous income

  • 1099-R for pension and annuity income

  • RRB-1099 for Social Security/RR1 benefits

  • 1099-G State and local tax refunds

  • Amount of alimony received

  • Jury duty compensation

  • Prizes and awards

  • Gambling and lottery winnings

  • Scholarships and fellowships

  • Trust Income

Financial Liabilities

Auto loans and leases (account numbers and car value) if vehicle used for business

Student loan interest paid

Early withdrawal penalties on CDs and other time deposits

1099-INT and 1099-OID for Interest income

1099-DIV for Dividend income

1099-B for proceeds from broker transactions

1099-R for retirement plan distribution

Financial Liabilities

  • Addresses for this tax year

  • 1098 for all mortgages interest (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.)

  • 1099-S for sale of real estate (including your home)

  • Real estate property taxes paid

  • Rent paid during tax year

  • Moving expenses

  • Homeowners/Renters Information

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